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Bond PR Worldwide

A Rainemakers Global Partnership 

Multi country campaigns made simple

Multi-Country Campaigns : MADE SIMPLE

Multi-Country Campaigns : MADE SIMPLE

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Rainemakers partners with independent technology PR consultancies throughout the world. We call this partnership BondPR. We bond together into single, seamless multi-country PR teams.


Our contemporary approach to delivering multi-country campaigns has been proven many times over. We have led campaigns in over 50 countries for clients including, Autodesk, Dell, DemandTec, Nuance, NComputing, Regus and SonicWALL


We deliver immediate access, in over 50 countries, to local PR professionals steeped in technology and B2B expertise.  


We have removed the hassle and overhead typically associated with international PR agencies; and we have replaced expensive country-by-country overheads and cumbersome regional campaign management with a simple, streamlined and highly productive service.

One world, many markets, one team

Listen to Andrew Brown, Group Communications Director, Regus PLC,  explain the impact when one campaign is aligned to country dynamics, optimized for local media and executed flawlessly